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‘Time and time again I hear people associate clutter with someone who’s lazy and disorganised. I totally disagree with that. But instead I believe that it’s a reflection of having been through difficult times in life or it could simply be that person's lifestyle leaves them no room to pick up clutter. 

 This is why when decluttering my focus is on the individual as a whole not just the clutter.’  Yasmin Jamaal


Yasmin Jamaal is a professional interior designer and decluttering expert who specialises in the psychological effect our living and working environments have on our wellbeing. Her methods have a particular emphasis on the link between decluttering and our emotional and spiritual needs and the power of letting go.


Her passion for creating beautiful and harmonic living spaces began early and was greatly impacted by having grown up during the civil war in Sierra Leone where her family lost everything and she shortly after also lost her father. After the loss of her father she watched her mother create beauty from their limited resources by pouring love into every item in the house. Her mother had a gift for creating a home filled with peace and harmony which in turn had an effect on the emotional wellbeing of everyone in it. This gift was passed on to Yasmin.


‘I love using my gift for transforming spaces and my ability to connect with people on a deeper level to help them let go of clutter and redesign their homes to begin their journey of a more fulfilling life.’ - Yasmin Jamaal


After moving to London Yasmin lived for a time at a homeless shelter and...

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"You don’t have to own the house you live in to make it your sanctuary and you don’t have to break down walls either to create a peaceful space. What you need is a home free of clutter, some change in your decor, allowing space for light, fresh air and easy movement but most importantly, you firstly have to make the decision that you want transformation"  Yasmin Jamaal


Our mission is to:

  • Get rid of your clutter

  • Clean and redesign your space and give you a feel of peace and calm

  • Work with you and help you build a habit of learning to let go and allow yourself to truly be free in your space without being buried in clutter.

Let us help you take back control of your life by starting with the environment you live and work in. ​


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"my biggest regret was not getting this done sooner. The whole team  brought me joy as I watched them declutter and redecorate my home. Thank you for the gift in the end. It sits on my bedside table"

Mary M

"Yasmin and Anna were very attentive and understood how difficult it was to let go. The coaching session in the end really helped. I am now in control of my clutter and my grandkids  can run around the house freely when they visit" 

Asha S

"I suffer from lung disease and living in a dusty and cluttered home made me feel worse. I now wake up every morning to what feels like a brand new home. Thank you Ladies!"

Susan H

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