10 Things To Toss Today-Declutter Your Life!

Kitchen Uniformity

I appreciate uniformity in a kitchen. So when looking at things like plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery, I really want everything to be from the same set, not a random mishmash (unless this is your style). When you live in a space for years at a time, you get a glass here, you break a couple there, you still have one left behind, and by the end of it, you’re left with a cupboard of mismatched items. Look at any mismatched glasses, bowls, and plates and donate them. Then pop over to Ikea and pick up a new set of (inexpensive) glasses and add them to the matching plates you already have so everything is nice and uniform.


If you have a candle that you don’t particularly like the smell of, but you really like the container, you can definitely up-cycle that. Simply pop the candle in the freezer for a few hours, the wax will shrink and freeze and should come out really easily. Now you’re ready to repurpose that jar.

Storage Bins

The truth is, you shouldn’t need copious amounts of storage bins—it’s time to declutter! Be very clear with what items come in and out of the house, that way you don’t have a lot of waste to toss in your bin.

Pantry & Dry Goods

Packing up a kitchen is overwhelming, to say the least, and when going through the motions of packing it up you have to scrutinise every item that you’re putting into a box. Cook off items in your pantry before buying new ones and get rid of any spices or teas you haven’t used in a long time.


Every household should have a good quality filing cabinet that’s organised and keeps your household papers available and intact so that if you ever get audited, or you ever need to reference that paper, it is easily accessible. Make time to go through them once in a while and get rid of the documents you no longer need.

Cloths, Towels & Rags

Keep the towels you love that are in good condition and donate the rest. Also slim down on your cleaning cloths.