Declutter Your Bedroom: Toss Away These Things Today

Decluttering is so important because the more clutter that’s in a space, the harder it is to clean, and the harder it is to clean, the less it gets cleaned. One room that we really need to stay on top of is the bedroom. It’s a space that you want to come home to and feel at peace and relaxed in. Excess clutter in the bedroom can be stressful and take away from a good night’s sleep. Here are 10 things you can declutter in the bedroom!

Extra Pillows

If you have old pillows kicking around and think to yourself, “You know what? I’m definitely going to need that one day when I go on that camping trip, or when those guests come by”, and you start stacking up and storing pillows. You’re essentially hanging on to these because of the “one-day” mentality. When a pillow has outlived its usefulness, you need to get rid of it, not save it for what-ifs.


Take a look in your sock drawer and I can almost guarantee that there are socks that don’t belong. Sort through your socks, even the ones that you have bunched up, anything that has a hole in it or it doesn’t have a partner needs to go. Now, for the stocks with holes in them that are really bad, those ones you can actually get rid of.


We probably have jewellery that we don’t wear anymore; whether it’s broken, tangled and mangled, or just discoloured beyond repair. We all have these random pieces of jewellery that hang around and get passed over every time we choose what to wear. There are lots of different things you can do with jewellery if you don’t want it anymore. You can find someone else who might really love it. You can donate it to a second-hand shop. Or if it’s something that’s precious or semi-precious, you can take it to a jeweller and see what kind of cash you can get for it. Either way, get rid of the jewellery you don’t wear anymore and clear up space.


Do you guys have any shoes that you bought because they were on sale, or you really liked them but they weren’t quite your size, or you bought them for a specific one-off event? Or maybe you have shoes that you used to wear, but you never quite pick them to go with an outfit anymore but are still hanging on to them? All of these are good signs that it’s time to get rid of those shoes. So, take a good honest look at the shoes that you have in your closet, whether they’re new or worn and ask yourself, “Would these be the shoes that I would pick if I were wearing a certain outfit?”. If you always pick another pair of shoes instead, it’s time to move on from those shoes.

The Junk Drawer

The nightstand (or dresser) junk drawer is a common species in pretty much every bedroom, in pretty much the entire world. We all have that one drawer where we put things that we don’t really have a spot for but think we’re going to need at some point. Frankly, the majority of the stuff that’s in there, we just don’t need. I go through mine a couple times a year because inevitably things just end up in there. Strangely enough, when you eliminate the mentality of a junk drawer, junk doesn’t end up in there! So, get in there and declutter that drawer!

Books & Magazines

There are so many people who will gladly accept donated magazines! If your magazine has been sitting on the shelf for months, if not years. It’s time to donate it or maybe give it to family members who would appreciate a read. If they are books you plan on reading when you finally get that free time you’ve been wishing for, put them back on the book shelf and clear out your bedside table.

Men’s Ties

If you’re the guy with a closet full of ties, but don’t need them on the regular, pick out a few—three or four at the most—and get rid of the rest.

White Undershirts

White undershirts are funny things. They’re prone to those yellow underarm stains, ring around the collar, and just stains in general. But because they’re often under other clothes these stains aren’t obvious so we just hang on to them way past their best-before date. If we try to get rid of them and we can’t, we often end up in denial, “Maybe one day I’ll get rid of that stain!”. Seriously though, if you would be horrified if anyone actually saw that shirt in public, get rid of it! You can donate them, or if you’re too embarrassed to do that, you can even just cut them up and use them for one time cleaning rags.

Closet Clean-out

Make it a habit to clean your closet at least twice a year when the seasons change. Go through all of the clothes from the past season and take stock of the stuff that you didn’t wear and put it in the donation pile. Doing this closet clean out twice a year is super helpful, it keeps you on top of what you have (and what you need), and it inevitably ends up saving you closet space.


While you’re in your closet have a look, and see if you have any old, broken, or unused hangers. Get rid of all of the mismatched wire and plastic hangers and moved on to wood hangers. Your closet just looks so much nicer and more uniform. If you’re somebody who gets your clothes dry cleaned, you probably have a lot of wire hangers hanging around and yes, it’s a free