Minimalist Living Tips To Declutter & Simplify Your Space!

Prune on the Regular

Pruning your items on a regular basis shouldn’t just be something that you do once a year around spring cleaning. It’s something that needs to become part of your daily routine. Have a little space in your house where you put items you don’t love or don’t use anymore and every couple of months, take the contents to a donation centre or recycle bin.

Learn to Say No!

Learning to say no can be hard! But, it is one of the best skills you can develop when it comes to keeping clutter under control. Saying no to free samples, souvenirs and hand-me-downs can help you reduce the amount of clutter in the home.

Keep Surfaces Clear

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a spa, they don’t have a bunch of crap everywhere? That’s because a spa is designed to be a calming, relaxing environment. Your brain feels most calm and most relaxed when there’s no visual clutter. Keeping your surfaces clear is a great way to remind yourself that you live in a clean, clear, uncluttered space.

Think Before You Buy!

It’s so easy when you’re at a store and something is on sale, or your friend just talked up this great new gadget, or you just see something you think could be useful in your home—so you buy it! The truth is, being a critical shopper is really going to help you reduce the amount of clutter in your home and help you live a more minimalist lifestyle.

Detach Yourself

We all have some inherent sentimental attachment to certain items which makes it feel practically impossible to get rid of them. Think letters from family, tickets from concerts, children’s toys, books from school… that kind of stuff. These are things that you’ve kept with you for a long time, or it’s been handed down to you by someone special. These items are typically associated with a lot of guilt, so when we get rid of them it’s like we’re getting rid of that memory.

Stick With It!

According to research it usually takes two months (or 66 days to be exact), to create and really solidify a new habit. This means that you’ll have to stick with these minimalist decluttering practices for 66 days before it starts to feel natural. It’s sort of like healthy eating, you have to make it a lifestyle choice, not just go on a “diet” that will inevitably result in gaining all that weight back. You’ve got to decide that you want to live in a space with less clutter and live that minimalist lifestyle, and once you do, determine what that looks like for you and work toward it slowly.

Photo credit: Yasmin Jamaal