Want A Cleaner Home? Here are Simple Habits You Can Start Today!

No matter how you feel about keeping your house clean, it needs to get done. The secret to keeping the cleaning down to a minimum is to develop (and maintain) really good habit!

Start a Basket System

Do you find yourself constantly looking for things, or do you have family members asking you where their things have gone? This is a constant battle in most homes, which is why you should implement a basket system—Setup a basket for each person in your house, then have a centralised location for them. Anytime one person is around the house and finds something that belongs to the other person, you put it in that person’s basket. This way they know where to find things that they may have misplaced. Then, it’s incumbent upon the individual to empty out their own basket on a regular basis.

Dust One Thing Every Day

If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to keep dust at bay, simply pick one thing every day and dust it. You don’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning, or even half an hour! All you need is a few minutes. Do this during a commercial break or while you’re waiting for that water to boil.

Full Hands

For example, if you’re in the family room and see an empty glass, on your way out grab it, take it to the kitchen, and pop it in the dishwasher. This really helps to keep the mess at bay.

Eliminate Junk Drawers

If your house is feeling overrun with drawers filled with random stuff there are two things you should do. First of all, you’ve got to empty out those drawers. Sort through the items and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Secondly, you’ve got to eliminate the concept of a junk drawer or whatever you call it in your house. You should have a purposeful place for everything in your home. You can designate a drawer as a utility drawer, where items like scissors, wine openers, lighters, etc. go in that drawer. But, if you don’t know where something should go then that’s when you ask yourself if you really need that item.

Dump the Duplicates

If you have multiples of one item, gather them up as you come across them. Then pick the best one, find a place for it and get rid of the others. That way, you’re getting any extra clutter out of your home, and you always know where that one item can be found.

Clean for 10 Minutes a Day

The idea of cleaning your entire house can feel overwhelming. But hopefully, we can all spare 10 minutes a day. As long as you’re doing something each and every day, your house is going to be in a much better state. Even if you start in one room and give that room 10 minutes, it’s going to look that much better. Motivate yourself by setting a timer and just fire up as much cleaning as you can in that 10 minutes. Or you can play two to three of your favourite songs, listen to a podcast—whatever you do to get you going, that’s all that counts.

Implementing these small little habitual changes will add up over time and can help you have a cleaner house.

Photo Copyright: Pinterest