Ways to Save More & Waste Less

Use Reusable Napkins

Reusable napkins are not just for “fancy” people, they’re for everybody. Reusable napkins are not a total pain and an extra laundry that you would have to do. They are much more convenient in the end and you don’t constantly have to be buying more, because you won’t run out like with paper napkins. Just add your napkins to your cleaning cloths when you do the laundry, so it’s no extra work, and you rest easy knowing it’s a more responsible choice for the environment – after all you can’t recycle paper towel or napkins.

Start a Bag System!

If you research how long it takes for a plastic bag to break down, it’s depressing. Take your grocery bag with you every time you go shopping, so you don’t have to use (or pay for plastic bags).

Wash In Cold, Hang To Dry

If you want a great way to save money, think about the way that you do your laundry. Unless you absolutely need to do your laundry in hot water, and there are some times where that will be the case, use a cold wash cycle instead. When it comes to the dryer, unless the dryer is essential, think about hanging your clothes to dry instead. The dryer is a total electricity hog, even the efficient ones are still going to cost you a bunch of money to run every single time.

Re-use Jars

Instead of tossing empty food jars, breathe new life into them by cleaning them out and re-using them for leftover storage in the fridge and the freezer (you can also use empty jars for a whole host of storage ideas).

Switch to Digital Subscriptions

A lot of companies are now offering you the ability to subscribe to their content online. Not only is this easier for you to manage at home because there’s less paper for you to have to deal with, but you can also save content a lot easier, and usually, if you subscribe online, you get offers and access to a lot of other things that you wouldn’t necessarily get from paper deliveries.

Turn Your Water Off

To save on water make sure that when you’re washing dishes, you’re turning water off when you’re not using it to rinse or fill your sink, and the same goes for when you’re brushing your teeth or washing your face. Make the mental note to only use water during those brief moments that you need it, and trust me you will notice the difference on your water bill.

Photo credit: Pinterest