Decluttering & Organisation

We know life can get in the way of you keeping up with your clutter and too many possessions can cause you to feel overpowered and prevent you from making the most of your surroundings as well as drowning your focus. 


Whether you want to declutter a particular room, your whole house or office, together, we will evaluate and evacuate things that you do not require, use or need, bringing you peace of mind and freeing up space to ensure that you love your home or office again.



Virtual Decluttering


Do you have untidiness spaces that you want to tackle yourself? Walk us through your clutter and we will guide you through to the easily maintained, uncluttered spaces you deserve! For clients who are camera shy or unable to operate video sessions, we also work with digital photos. You’ll receive tailored, step-by-step direction to set you free from clutter and disorganisationWe’ll work at your pace, creating decluttering techniques based on the way your brain works and the manner in which you already do things.

Redesign and Makeover

Want a fresh start and a new space without moving? Don't know where to begin?  

Let us guide you through the process of creating and choosing a new home or office decor that will set you up for daily success starting with the space you live or work in. Our professional team will do the work while you relax and watch it all come to life.


We are also happy when our clients join in on the fun of recreating their new home. We always have a spare dusting cloth and a paint brush at hand!

Get in touch, answer a few questions and we will get started. 

Wall Decorations

Removal of Unwanted Items

At the end of your booking, we are happy to collect your unwanted items that are in usable conditions and drop off at our warehouse where items are later shipped to Sierra Leone in aid of the Jamaal foundationLeaving you ready to enjoy your clutter free home, knowing you have also made a difference in the lives of a community in need. 

Please mention this service upon booking and we will keep you updated throughout this process.

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